28 Days Later

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Now here's a zombie movie with brains!

No, there's no brain eating unfortunately. What I meant is that it's intelligent for a gore flick.

The premise of the story is a virus is released in London, the infected become mindless Zombies who wants are bent on infecting others. This virus don't make them sick perse as they seem quite strong and fast-- however they do spew out a lot of blood and they're eyes are very bloodshot, as if they had a really bad hangover. All in all they look pretty unhealthy, but they're ok to run quickly for a long distance without tiring, as long as they know they're uninfected about.

The movie was filmed using a digital camera and sometimes it's okay but in scenes where it's somewhat dark the film gets really grainy. I didn't like this much but it did give a gritty feel. The movie is shot nicely, but what did you expect from the director who did trainspotting.

Go see it if you like horror movies.