The Real World, Big Brother - Give me a break!

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Reality Television. Give me a break. No really, *spare* ME!

Reality TV bites guys, and it bites a big, fat, ugly one. Until people realize this, and get together to stop it, it WILL continue.

Also have you noticed that "reality TV" is an oxymoron? If you forgot what an oxymoron is I'll explain. An oxymoron is a combination of contradictory words. For example the words REALITY and TV is a prime example of an oxymoron. So what happened here? Did I miss the whole point of TV. Isn't the point of television to escape from reality? I mean if I want to see a bunch of sorry losers complaining about each other I can go outside and mingle with humans.

No instead I choose to go comatose by watching television! allowing it to take me away from the drudgery of my life. Feed me some fantasies, fill my mind with hope and desire, take me away to another world, BUT DON'T GIVE ME THIS CRAP!

It's shows like the American High that makes me question my very existence. I ask myself why the hell am I veging out in front of the tube watching this crap? Maybe I should go read a book. What did I just say!? A book has more to offer than Television? Now I know I'm going nuts.

I'll wrap this up quick because third rock from the sun is coming on soon.

Here's a list of current list of Reality Television on television now.

FOX's American High - "An edgy new drama about high school students"

Equates to

Noise, yelling and whinnying expected. Mayhem/Anarchy and senseless idiocy assumed.

My comment:
This has to be the stupidest idea I've ever heard! The previews for this made me want to gouge my eyes out with a pair of rusty tweezers. What's the logic behind video taping teenagers?! Video is almost always used as evidence toward a conviction! Stupid stupid stupid. Seriously though, video is a constant reminder of ones stupidity. For example I would like to forget about everything that happen in high school. Those are not proud memories to reflect on, and having video which the world viewed can be a constant reminder of that, the embarrassment and humiliation factor is not something I want endure. I don't think these kids thought ahead. "uuuuhh Oh hey that would be cool. I'll video tape my self committing stupid acts!"

CBS's Big Brother - "What happens when you put different people in a house for a couple of month wired with cameras?"



Moving on...

MTV's Real World - "MTV's Real World"

Equates to

Who even watches MTV anymore?

CBS's Survivor - "Put people on a deserted island somewhere to starve them."

My comment:

Hmm if I had a bunch of arrogant Americans what would I do with them? Yes your right one of my ideas would be to stick them on a deserted island with no food. But I would also put a bunch of secret cameras (inferred and satellite) and listening devices to monitor them. I'll also instate the rule, a ship comes to rescue them after 3 month, whoever comes out alive is the winner. Oh yeah and we'll leave supplies of course-- an wide assortment of weapons and my special addition a big red button on a top of a steep hill which activates the self-destruct device for the island. Kaboom! We'll see what kind of model civilization evolves from that.

My idea for the show guarantees to be educational. It may even land on TLC for syndication. But needless to say that didn't happen, they decided to mess it up royally. They had to mess it up by spoon feeding us drama every week. They had to mess it up by play stupid tribal games, and keeping it politically correct. I'm sure you've noticed the racial harmony themes. They had to be politically correct by sticking single moms, the elderly, a black man, and a gay guy on the island. You'd think hilarity would ensue but it isn't as funny (or entertaining) as Gilligan's island. It's boring! I could careless about those losers. The problem is too many rules, it's too controled. I'm just hoping Survivor 2 is better.

In conclusion, here's a reality TV experiment you can do at home. Go look at yourself in the mirror. That hurt didn't it?