Under the Tuscan Sun

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I made some wrong assumptions about this movie. First, I thought Tuscan was a city in southwestern US. I had absolutely no idea Tuscan was in another country entirely. Second, I assumed this movie would be somewhat enjoyable because it had a nice pleasant picture of a sunflower on the cover. I was wrong on both counts. Shit. Please remind me to NOT judge a movie by it's cover.

Yeah, this movie isn't terrible and I'm not to terribly fond of it. Mainly because I've seen movies like this way to many times. Movies like this that tries too hard to shove it's message down our throats. Messages about how life in small rural towns are so much better and so much simpler. Well how about small towns are so much more boring! With so many more inbred backwards people! And how can the main character live there just like that? Isn't there some law in every country against idiotic Americans from settling down? For god sakes she didn't even marry a Italian. And that's another thing. The character is so unbelievably annoying I can't stand it! She's ten times more worse than Diane Keaton's character in Something's Gotta Give. Which by the way is a much funnier movie than this. Which reminds me. There is a fascinating parallel between the two movies: Both are about women who are turning old. Both are failed writers. Both movies are about their respective characters struggle with their desperate fear and anxiety about turning old. Both struggle with the fact that they have lost their sexuality/power. Which also reminds me-- there's a scene in the movie where our main character practically begs for sex from an italian stud. It was rather pathetic to watch. So what does this movie really say about older chicks? That they are easy lays because they're so fucking desperate? Probably. And what does that say about us? That we're all suckers for watching this overly sappy, and manipulative movie? Yeah.

So avoid at all costs.