Bubba Ho-tep

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This movie takes place in a rest home in Texas where the residents die regularly of old age and also from having their soul sucked out of their orifice. Of course it doesn't matter which one; the mummy does not care. This mummy is also very lazy which is why he/it prays only on the helpless elderly. A hero must rise and that is of course our main character Elvis Presley, the King of Rock & Roll. To triumph Elvis must confront his own inner demons of abandonment, lost dignity, aging, regrets (and his cancerous pecker) to finally comes to grips with why he is here. He comes to realize he has been given a second chance to make a difference in the world and fight evil. He is helped by JFK, a black man played by Ossie Davis. Of course Bruce Campbell plays Elvis and he's perfect for this role. I must say his acting abilities are very impressive. He was totally believable as an aging King of Rock. This movie is very fun as it makes fun of old people not too unlike Something's Gotta Give. It also brings up an important issue. What are we going to do with all the old people? The baby boomers are getting old and rest homes like the one depicted in the movie will be commonplace. It is sad to watch old people die-- cold and forgotten. Oh well.