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Here's a thought for you ... what an absolutely ridiculous movie! Totally unrealistic, far-fetched, and laughable. The characters were the only thing that were real about the movie ... but even the characters were terrible. Paul Walker (Fast and the Furious) plays Chris Johnston and he's got to be the weakest character of all. He tries to be this chivalrous, hunky guy all the women are supposed to swoon over and get saved by, but somehow - he just can't seem to pull it off with any sort of gusto. He reminds me more of a 17-year-old skater kid with messy hair, a baggy sweatshirt, and beaten-up Vans. And of course the bad guy gets it in the end. Predictable, predictable, PREDICTABLE. What the hell were the producers thinking? They must've all had just a little too much peyote. This type of movie making must be eliminated! We must not ever let them make us watch such filth again! Even Teletubbies is better than this film!
Also, this movie is very confusing. You may oftentimes find yourself wondering just what the hell is going on. There's lots of sword fighting, flaming arrows, and blood, but oh, they didn't forget the sappy romantic moments, either. Well, let me stop here. I'm getting bored just writing this.
A piece of advice: don't watch this fillm. Ever.