God of Cookery

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Steven Chow's movies are not digestible for everyone simply because not everyone shares his taste in humor-- and at times that includes me. His humor ranges from gross and slapstick to the bizarre and ridiculous. There's also some inside jokes that we're not privy too. All of this plus the culture differences may make some jokes come out bland tasting for some.

This is the third film Steven Chow movie I've seen. The first was King of Comedy which I liked a lot. Then was Shoaling Soccer. Which I thought was pretty kick ass. As a whole I find all his films to be enjoyable. They're always light hearted and the stories always tend to have a sappy happy ending. His character (he always plays the main character) always wins by triumphs over obstacles. They also contain the same moral lessons. In every one of his movies there's a classic villain. Evil to the core and want to hurt our protagonist. Then their's our hero or supporting hero who was once arrogant and cruel because of fame and success but gets put in his place by our villain and falls hard. But this fall helps him learn a valuable lesson in humility and helped along the way by kind hearted people. People whom he enlists on his rise back to success. End of movie. His next movie will probably follow the same recipe-- and have cameos from his previous films. Not too bad even if you know it's going to end well. So sit back, enjoy and prepare to chow down on some funny!