More options with Privoxy & Google cache

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Making those 503's a little bit more friendlier.

I'm special because when I encounter a connect failed error I get a custom generated page from Privoxy. This custom page (generated just for me!) tells me exactly what went wrong (Connected Failed) and also gives me several helpful options. Among them is is to reload (which usually takes care 80% of connect failed problems) the site by providing a link. The other options are to view and modify Privoxy settings. It would be nice to have a third option of view the cache of the site that just failed.

Here's how. Modify your Privoxy "Connected failed" template:

  1. Locate the connected failed template. On my PC this file is in "C:Program FilesPrivoxy emplatesconnect-failed".
  2. Open this document and go to line 120.
  3. Delete the period at the end of the sentence and add
    "or view google <A HREF="">cache</A> of this."

or whatever other message you want. the important thing is to give an option for the cache.

There, now you have a choice to view the cache of the site as well as trying to reload it. This can be helpful when a site is slashdotted.Now go! Be powerful and mighty!