Miccah Announces Plan for a ''9-Month Vacation''

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Mother-to-be Miccah Smith, wife to Randy Duckett of Hickory, NC, announced her plan Tuesday to begin what she refers to as a "9-month vacation" during her pregnancy.
"All I know is that I just feel like lying around and eating ice cream, or whatever," said the Rubenesque brunette to reporters Tuesday evening.
"Randy is already beginning to go sort of nutty, cutting out non-skid patches for the bathtub in cute animal shapes, and cleaning the bathrooms without being asked. I'm not even allowed to carry a gallon of milk in from the car. A girl could get used to this, so I'm going to try."
A source close to the happy couple confirms that Miccah "complains of sharp hunger pains" which send her running for the nearby Japanese Super Buffet as often as 6 times a day.
"Poor thing," said the friend. "It's all she can do to lie on the couch and spoon ice cream into her mouth without becoming exhausted or nauseous. This is going to be a very difficult pregnancy."
Miccah agreed. "Yes," she sighed. "And I'm going to enjoy every minute of it."