Xiaoxin's Hotlinking Revenge

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MySpace is a friendster clone. They host an assortment of services that allows users to make a profile, share pictures, post journals entries, and make comments to each other. Well! That sounds nice does it not? Yeah--sounds like a virtual paradise. It is. It's a virtual paradise-- FOR LOSERS! At least from my experience. I noticed MySpace users love to post the most inane crap about themselves. They also habitually share embarrassing pictures of themselves to frequently tout to their "friends" in their network offering each other something to jack off to. Essentially everyone there competes to see how many times they can kiss each other's ass. And boy the competition is stiff. It's sad, embarrassing and amusing at the same time.

Anyway, so what does all of this have to do with me? Well nothing until two weeks ago. That's when I noticed a spike in request to a picture on one of my pages. I examined the server logs and noticed they were coming from MySpace. So apparently someone's been linking to my image. This happens before often after Valentines day and typically I would just renamed the file and left at that. Sometimes I would replace the image with another image telling them off. I decided to do that this time. But as I waded deeper into the server logs I realized they were coming from different pages. Some 30 different pages all from MySpace! I had not realized the scope of this theft. Every time one of those losers loads up their page my image gets stolen along with my precious bandwidth (that I pay out of my own pocket). Some MySpace losers were busy little beavers inserting <IMG> tags all over the place! I went to each page and read some of the crap they have. The sheer stupidity of their content not to mention their user base encouraged me to do something more drastic. I won't go into detail what that is I did. It's best to see for yourself. Go to this page and remember hotlinkers must be punished!