Anger Management

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This week Xiaoxin reviews Anger Management.

Please raise your hands if you're tired of Adam Sandler. *slowly raises hand*

My friends and I were in a mood to see a comedy this weekend. We picked Anger Management as the best candidate for laughs. Well, there was some laughs, but most were sympathetic chuckles at the films feeble attempt at humor. A chuckle for effort. I didn't laugh as much as I thought I would and I'm somewhat disappointed. I recall enjoying his films in my youth. I thought Billy Madison was genius, and Happy Gilmore that was funny too. Alas I didn't enjoy this one as much, granted it had it's funny moments but they were few in between, in between too much Adam Sandler. Yes, too much. The whole movie seemed to be overloaded with Adam, and to be he has lost that charm and appeal he once held. I couldn't quite put my finger on it still but I know I have become disillusioned by Adam's comedy. In his movies all of his character are the same, they're all Adam Sandler and it felt boring and artificial.