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Christian Bale stars in this 1984/Brave New Worldish movie where the future has been reduced to a single city by war. To survive the society lives to be strictly controlled. The premise is the wars that decimated the human population was caused by the weakness in humanity, their ability to feel. To prevent feeling the entire population must dose themselves regularly with injections of Prozium. Everything that can spark an emotional response is removed. That includes art, music, and even furniture; they are immediately disposed of (they are burned like in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451). Conformity is essential. If you are caught "feeling" (a sense crime) you will be executed. The entire process is enforced by the group our main character works for. Fortunately for our hero he is trained to be a Cleric. Which basically means he's the bad ass of all bad asses and that means he's going to be doing a lot ass kicking in this movie.

I really enjoyed this movie for it's action. It's not terribly deep because none of the ideas presented in this movie is original. The supposed twist at the end wasn't very surprising or fulfilling, but I wasn't let down by the movie because I just wanted to see the main character blows everyone out of the water with his giant Robocop pistol and in the end it satisfies. Oh yeah there's swords too. Not a bad piece of cinema.