Finding Nemo

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Okay some of us can easy get past having to sit in a theater with 200 odd screaming snot-nosed brats and some of us can't. Lucky for you I can, and thusly braved the sea of adolescence in order to watch Pixar Animation's latest big screen fare, FINDING NEMO on opening night.
Being a major Pixar fan myself I'll be honest that my expectations for this weren't nearly as high as for MONSTERS INC or A BUGS LIFE. This was partly due to the feud that Pixar's being going through with Disney and the satanic contract legalities, and that I'm not a Marine Biologist. I don't usually preoccupy myself with the Ocean and it's inhabitants unless there's blood, an O2 tank and Robert Shaw involved. But all the same it was Pixar and they've yet to disappoint me.
John and the boys have always left me thoroughly entertained, and I was eagerly ready to plunk down my two bits. And true to form, FINDING NEMO was right on key. With some fantastic voice acting from Al Brooks, whom I've never been overly fond of, and the ever-funny Ellen Ex-Heche it really was a lot of fun. I didn't even start drinking til after the movie! Actually the highlight for me was the ensemble cast, and while this time round probably they probably saved a few hundred mil in the paychecks by using character actors, the megastars aren't missed. Pixar standby John Ratzenberger had me grinning ear to ear, as did the film's director Andrew Stanton who makes for one of the more memorable characters, Crush (aka Dude!). And I'll say this once and for all, KING PRAWNS are the funniest damn things ever, whether they be Muppet or Animated.
Speaking of animation, Pixar's animation just continuously inches closer and closer to being indistinguishable with live action; textures and h20 sumpremely amazing. In the attached preview for their next feature, THE INVINCABLES, it occured to me how far they've come with the physics and movements of the human body. If you see it, note the evolution from say A TOY STORY's human animation. One of the most impressive backgrounds was the rendering of Sydney, (you know the Opera house, the bay, etc...) one of the only real locals I can Remember Pixar modeling.
In the end I'm always going to recommend a Pixar film, and NEMO is another great addition to the club. If you're looking for a fun comedy with heart don't waste your money on Jim Carrey, definitely go see FINDING NEMO.