The Hulk

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As a fan of The Incredible Hulk comic book series I liked this movie alot. I thought it was very, very well done, even down to the sometimes annoying scene transitions. I found it disconcerting at times but I know why they're. They are there to make the movie feel like a comic book. That is why the emotions of the characters are often exaggerated (hence the over-acting), the characters them selves are exaggerated as well. It's HULK all right. Ang Lee captured the essence of it and he should be very proud.

I thought the acting was quite good. And the movie had a sense of humor which I liked. The audience knows David Banner was going to turn out to be the Hulk and the movie played on this. Even though the movie was quite long I didn't feel bored, I loved every second of it. Watching the movie made me feel like a kid again, enjoying my favorite superhero come to life!

Good Movie!