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Tattoed Nerds

A link to pictures and stories of tattooed nerds. *shudders*

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Best wishes on a safe trip from Miccah!!!

In honor of my best friend, Xiao Xin Lu, I visited Altavista's Babelfish translation website to create a lovely farewell message in his native Engrish! For those who do not know, "Engrish" is a form of poorly communicated English resulting from the use of cheap translating programs by Asian companies who want their products to have an "international" flavor. See more at www.engrish.com

Xiao Xin which becomes our love, many requests for safe travelling to your country! Enjoy the unique cultural experience which you have in Shanghai. We let escape desparately. Don't Because as for we desire your quick return, we are.

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Area woman still pregnant!!!

In a move calculated to sicken and shock news services around the world, local woman Miccah Smith Duckett announced at an international press conference Sunday that she is "still pregnant, thank you for asking."
Duckett was last seen in public on June 18, when, in a widely publicized scandal, she reportedly seized a steaming pouch of Burger King shrimp from acclaimed pouch designer Ugoff at Charlotte's Nordstrom department store.
Nordstrom store employee Fanny Biggs recalled, "It was a nightmare. She overpowered him easily, but I think she made a big mess of the cosmetics department just to get attention. There was broken glass, spilled M.A.C. makeup and crying gay-boys everywhere. Mrs. Duckett was smeared all over with iridescent Peacock Blue Eye Creme, whereas Pistachio Paradise is really a better color for her. She had Ugoff by the hair, and he was squealing like a stuck pig. I don't know if the store will ever recover its fiscal and PR losses at this point."

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Pouches by Ugoff

Ugoff designs designer pouches. Another triumph of Burger King marketing. Genius!

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MiRi ''Sonyk-Rok'' Park Wins US Championship

MiRi "Sonyk-Rok" Park Wins US Air Guitar Championship. Check out her winning rendition here on Conan.

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Happy Birthday Miccah!

Another year older! :D

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Hola! & " Seid ihr gegruesst", which most of ye probably understand not. I am Kirk of sidpa ( a "bardo" or door connecting two planes of existance. But I digress.). I come seeking she who was once known as " Clabber Girl". My resources indicate this may be an appropriate place to do so. However, it is conceivable that my resources could be bloody faulty, in which case I truly apologise for the inconvenience I may have caused any of ye mortals by making you to read this quest "botschaft", or whatever it is I am trying to say. -------------------Kirk of sidpa ( Kirkus)

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The Day After Tomorrow

I've been in a quirky mood of late, as just the idea of me reviewing 'The Day After Tomorrow' should suggest, but I have to say I was really looking forward to this film. I did however kinda enjoy Independance Day quite a bit, I'll admit. It has something to do with some love/obsession I had with Jeff Goldblum at the time, but all the same, I liked ID4 in all it's mind rotting destructive glory.

And let's be honest, who doesn't like watching the end of the world? It's something that many of us long for day in and day out, wishing and hoping that the Earth would just open up and swallow us all whole, because humankind is just some rancid pestulance that infects the Galaxy like so many bathroom wall, single celled vermin.

I mean, you know what I'm saying right?

Anyway, I was looking forward to the mass destruction, but as good old Roland has done for me so many times before, I felt cheated. The film should be called "The Day Before Emmerich Stops Disappointing Me" cause really, Roland, Stargate man, STARGATE was really the only other flick (than ID4) that's worth my time. I don't want to name drop disasters or anything, but that's what I went to see. But did I get it? Hmm? Hmmmmmm?!

Love the Atom Bomb, Roland, embrace it! Stop trying to stir up our fluids here!

Okay for those of you that have no clue as to what I'm talking about, #1- Go Rent Dr. Strangelove and #2 here it is in English:
Too much pseudo-plot, not enough dying.

Now the dying you get, while sparse and far between is excellent. We've got some original imagery, and tons of recognizable landmarks getting just effed all to hell. The Los Angeles sequence was top notch! Too short, but top notch, above and beyond what you get in ID4 because here's it's not aliens (who we all know aren't real and therefore pose little to no threat) but weather! The mysterious and nebulous threat that nobody knows a flying flip about, because WEATHER IS BORING! The Weather Channel likes to make you think otherwise, but unless shit is getting effed up, who cares? Speaking of the weather channel, okay did they sponser this film or what? It was like a weatherman's wet dream (see also: The Perfect Storm) Let's show everyone how CRAZY the weather can actually BE! Drive electric cars or we're all going to die!!! Ahhhhhh!

So while we're being enviro-brainwashed, we have to sit and watch Dennis Quaid, who's developing the Clint Eastwood perma-squint, try and save the world. Well not the whole world, just the nothern hemisphere. (Australia: "Suckers!") There's lots of fuzzy science being thrown around, a few political look-a-likes to drop the obligatory War on Iraq/Terror statement, and some horriblied CG'd wolves. Here's the conversation that brought the wolves into the picture:

Senile!Producer: "Roland, Guy, you know what this flick needs? Wolves. You know wolves? We really need to get some wolves in there. You know I was watching the discovery channel the other day, and wolves man, they're like ARTIC HUNTERS! Come on guy, we need the wolves. They're fresh and sharp. You know demographics is saying they're at an all time popularity high with the kiddies right?"
Emmerich: "But wir in New York, der ist no wolves..."
Producer: "There are wolves in the Bronx right?"
Emmerich: "Um, nein."
Producer: "But there's a zoo in the Bronx? Right?"**

And so the wolves stay in the picture. So maybe now, you're starting to get the gist. Throw in some poorly execute familial concern, teenage angst, oh and can't forget the kid with cancer and the DOG. Roland, kill the dog already! Kill it!!!! OLD YELLER man!!! People LIKE watching dogs die!!!!

There's you're review. Well, not so much a review, but a plea for more death!!!! If you liked 1998 Godzilla, you'll freaking orgasm over "The Day After Tomorrow". That said, atleast some people died horrible, and in the end that's what really matters, now isn't it?.

Ohh and one more thing, if you want to save the ticket price I'll tell you how it ends:


And they all lived happily ever after in Mexico.... The End.


**=This dialogue is probably not a direct result of any original thought of my own, but I've heard tell of many Tinseltown convos like this.

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The 6th Day

Cashing in on the cloning debate. What if you can clone humans and also their memories? That would make cool movie wouldn't it?

While not as ridiculous as I expected it to be some parts of the
movie was still pretty lame. Or maybe it was meant to be either way I enjoyed it-- it was funny and also had Arnold in it.

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House of Sand and Fog

Not exactly a feel good movie but a good movie with good acting. Check it out if you're a fan of Jennifer Connelly. Have you ever noticed how in three of her movies there's a scene where she's standing over a pier?

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