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A film about two quirky (crazy) guys. Elling the main character is a man who's lived a life completely sheltered my his mother. After her death he's sent to live in an institution where he meets his friend Kjell Bjarne. These two become good friends and work together to get integrated back into society. Elling is a very sympathetic character who faces social anxiety. By the end of the film he overcomes a lot of his foibles (like learning to compromise). Recommended. A sequel is currently in the works.

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Warm Water Under a Red Bridge

Wet, wacky fun! No it's not the long awaited sequel to Revenge of the Sex Demon! Still, I enjoyed it though. Especially those wacky Japanese. I absolutely just love watching Japnese people getting it on with other Japanese people in Japanese movies.


Slow at some parts but it's a quirky which earns points. Watched on DVD and my main gripe with watching these foriegn movies on DVDs is that there's no SPECIAL features. Why is that? Why is that so hard? Put some special features in there!!

Japanese with english subtitles.

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What time is it there?

Oh god. This movie is SO BORING. Of course I learned that the hard way, I watched it all the way through hoping against hope that something, anything would happen. And there was no payoff. The movie ended with out any answers, and that's supposed to be art. That's supposed to be an excellent film?


It doesn't make much sense to me.

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Sex Education For Retarded

At last, there's an informative, educational instruction video for Mentally Challenged Horndogs. For a limited time copies of 'THE ABC'S OF SEX EDUCATION FOR TRAINABLES' were made available on eBay.

From the item description: See the young man get caught masterbating in his bedroom, while his mother stands there and gives a long speech about how sorry she is she intruded. View the trainable who awakens from a wet dream and proclaims "I'm All Sticky!". And most fascinating of all, enjoy the open classroom/blackboard discussion for synonymous terms for PENIS.....

The auction has ended, but if you just have to have your copy, contact the seller. For seller information and pictures:

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Secret Ballot

It's a story about an voting agent who comes to a very remote island to collect votes. The agent is a woman, and she must be accompanied by the soldier who's duty is to guard's a desolate beach. Most of the locals are disinterested and those who wants to take part are confused by the process. Also the culture in which this movie takes place very patriarchal, their view of women are limited to certain duties. So it's very surprising when a woman agent shows up.

There are many scenes in this movie where nothing happens. The action is very slow to show the isolation of the island while they can sometimes be very beautiful they can be very boring. Excruciatingly so. It's a very slow moving story and not for everyone. I wouldn't say it's bad per se but nothing much happens in it. Things are very subtle. Definitely well made and the characters are likable.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Aarrgg me mateys. I'll be havin' a moment of yer time to discuss the latest Disney swashbuckler, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL. Batten the hatches an prepare yerself for pirate-talk galore, because it's ride worth a bounty.

Okay, I'll try and restrain meself, but be warned, I've had an unusually positive reaction to this Disney film. Anticipation is one thing, and I'd been excited since the news hit Variety that Gore Verbanski, Jerry Bruckheimer, Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush and Orlando Bloom were doing a script by Ted Elliot & Terry Russo. Each one of these individuals would usually be enough to pull me out to a matinee atleast, but combined I knew the results were going to be spectacular. My expectations were completely blown out of the water.
Pirate movies are hard to do, they're so immersive and detail is of so much importance that one flaw can ruin it all. I think CURSE has become the definitive major box office Swushbuckler of modern times. Battle sequences on par with A&E's amazing Horatio Hornblower, the best swordplay since Zorro (and oddly enough from the same writers), and a new rogue to file away with Han Solo and Indiana Jones.
It's a seamless combination of adventure, well-done effects and sharp dialogue. I can't recall the last time I was completely unconscious of the fact that I was in a movie. At 15 minutes in I had to go to the bathroom but was glued until 132 minutes later. I fell into the plot and just stayed there. On top of that there's phenominal acting by Depp and Rush who's characters are so layered and intriging that I want a whole movie featuring each. The CG's physics of movement and transitioning with live action were notable well done, and in one climatic, insanely choreographed scene I was nearly out of my seat.
It's hard to be critical when I like a film this much, because I usually become blind to any flaws that might exist. It's nostalgic, it's fun, it's sharp and so enjoyable that I wasn't worried about anything else. Pirate battles, swashbuckling duels, lovable rogues and tragic villians make this my movie of the year.
To date I've seen it twice and I'll probably be seeing it again next week. If ye've had the chance to stowaway on the original Disney ride, keep a sharp eye out for nods to that as well a few hidden grins to Disney in general. Again it's my favorite of the year and comes with my highest recommendation. If you dare brave the waters, make sure you stay until the end for a little treat.

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More options with Privoxy & Google cache

Sometimes, for whatever reason the web site you visit is down. It could be slashdotted, it could your ISP, or it could be somebody up there doesn't like you. You don't care what the reason is. All you care about is the content you want to see is not available to you when you want it. You want more options, you deserve more options. You're very special!

Web savvy users desperate to view the page will know to use the Google cache in this situation. Google cache is is available to you by typing in your location bar: http://google.com/search?q=cache:www.miccah.com. Now replace www.miccah.com with the site you want to go. The page displayed is the cache Google has in it's database. Hey, now this is a good option to have!

But lets make it more accessible for when you need it (Read Below).

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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

I was quite happy seeing this movie and I was pleasently surprised after I left because this movie was as bad as I expected it to be. But then I went in not expecting much.

Certainly not T2 quality but not bad either.

Pro: Plenty of mindless action, and lots of Arnold (aarrrrrrnooold!)
Con: Not enough T-X nudity!!!

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Build Mozilla Thunderbird in 14 easy steps!

I read this on NeoWin. Germal.dk has quick startup guide to building Thunderbird (the mail part of Mozilla) on a Windows machine without Microsoft Visual C++.

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Man takes revenge on Telemarketer

I read this and couldn't help but laugh. I understand all too well the anoyances of a telemarketer. Click Read More for a copy of the article.

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