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Cube 2: Hypercube

Bad sequel, worse acting than the original but at least the original was original and somewhat believable. This one is just dumb-- lots of sci-fi plot devices such as time shifts and alternate dimensions and all of it just serves to confuse the viewer. I was left feeling empty not excited like the first movie. When are sequels ever successful?

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About Schmidt

Is about as depressing as a movie can get.

About Schmidt is about a retired guy (Jack Nicholson) who is severally depressed and through out the film he tries to find a purpose to his life. So Jack Nicholson is a good actor, he plays this guy really, really well and I don't fault him for that but the movie just didn't do it for me, I found it to be severally depressing and the supposedly spiritual uplifting/moving ending was not enough to make the viewer feel better about wasting the last couple of hours watching this depressing garbage.

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Reign of Fire

I said to Katie the other day, "I can't tell the difference between Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey, are they not the same person?"

"No," she replied, "maybe that's why they made a movie with the both of them to help with the distinction."

"They did?"


"What's it called?"

"They're in Reign of Fire."

Okay, so I'm on a mission now. The mission is find out whether Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale really do look different.

And the answer is in this movie they do. In fact they play opposite each other. Whew! I'm glad that's solved.

I liked the movie well enough. Nothing a spectacular, but certainly not as bad as it was made out to be. Some parts could be better.

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La Blue Girl Live 1: Revenge of the Sex Demon King (1994)

To sum up this movie in one sentence: Bubbly, wet tentacled camp.

Yes, this movie is very campy. It's low budget, it has lousy special effects and it's Japanese. But hey, who wants to watch this movie for the special effects (or Japanese)? We want to watch it for the tentacles!

Ah-- and they were quite disappointing. You know how some books don't translate well to movies? The same applies to anime, they dosn't translate well to live action. Especially the tentacled ones. The tentacles did provide some inital amusement though and they stuck plenty of nudity in it, so that kind of made up for it. Still this movie isn't a very easy to follow and to someone who hasn't seen the anime it won't make a lot of sense. Actually if you were confused by the anime chances are you'll be more confused after watching this. And pay no attention to the bad acting.

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This is your chance to take off your clothes for peace!

The momentum of peace and love generated by these global anti-war protests have inspired me. That's why I, Xiaoxin am planning to stage a fully nude anti-war protest of my own. It will take place in my house-- soon. So, who's with me?

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Dr.Spickerman passed away last month

William Spickerman

Dr. William R. (Bill) Spickerman died Friday, Jan. 3, 2003.

The funeral service will be conducted Monday at 11 a.m. in the Wilkerson Funeral Chapel. Burial will follow in Pinewood Memorial Park.

Dr. Spickerman, a native of Council Bluffs, Iowa, was a veteran of World War II having served in the United States Army. He received his undergraduate degree and master�s degree in education from the University of Omaha. He received a second master�s degree in mathematics from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, and a Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky. A resident of Greenville since 1967, he was a professor of mathematics at ECU for many years and retired in February 2002 as professor of computer science. During his tenure, he was active in numerous professional organizations. He co-authored a textbook and published many papers in professional journals. He loved academia, research, teaching and all scholarly pursuits.

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Saw this film at the nevermore festival with Katie. You'll love this movie if you like the following combinations:

  • Zombies
  • Gunplay
  • Kung-fu
  • Senseless Violence
  • Senseless Violence and a dame
  • Senseless Violence and swords
  • Senseless Violence and no plot

If you don't like any of those combinations you probably won't like it very much. But personally I enjoyed it well enough, I thought it was a fun movie. The kooky characters and the story all worked for the movie for the first hour or so but it then it dragged a little but over all it is recommended for the non-squimish.

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The Happiness of the Katakuris

A seemingly normal family thrown into some bizarre situations. An excellent film, my favorite at the Nevermore festival. I'm glad to have gone just to see this gem. I haven't laughed so hard in quite a while. The movie is very funny and lighthearted even though it deals with morbid issues. Highly recommended!

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Das Experiment

More like Das Bore-Me-To-Tears. This is the first film I saw at the nevermore festival. It's also a remake of an American movie. Well acted I thought, but nothing orginal in this film. I found it quite predictable. My favorite parts were gratuitous crotch shots of the main love interest (she serves no purpose that I can see for the story), and when the Major went medival on the guards. Other than that it's a mediocre movie.

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Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

More like Jesus Christ this movie sucks! Am I being too harsh? This movie is supposed to be a B movie which means it's supposed to suck-- right? Sure those people in the theater think they enjoyed it but I know they didn't, I know they wish they were at home doing something else like mowing their lawn, cleaning their bathroom, or even watching Gilmore Girls is probably preferable to this.

Okay, what was Katie thinking!?

And more importantly what was I thinking when I decided to see this?

More IMPORTANTLY what are those people in IMDB thinking when they gave it a 7.3??

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