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This is definitely a movie that belongs in the HORROR category. HORROR short for HORRIBLE. Indeed I found this movie to be truly horrible-- horrible to watch, and horrible to listen to. And as usual I am puzzled by the fact that this movie got an 8.2 on IMDB. How is that possible? What on earth possessed these people to vote for this piece of crap? Were they hypnotized during the movie? Was it another another movie they were watching and it just so happened to be called May? I find the latter to be more plausible.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!

Got any New Years resolutions?

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Ms.Smith changes to Mrs.Duckett

Miccah and Randy got married on Saturday December 21, 2002.


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MOO! Boob jobs for cows?

I can not believe this when I saw it but its true. Farmers are injecting thier cows udders for cow beauty contest...

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Daddy froze my Parot!

Yes this sounds curel to most and funny to some and sad to others. I had a parot named buttons. He was sick and old and my daddy said he flew away. No, I cried for a few days a few months later I found buttons! WooHOO! guess where in a ziplock bag frozen in the freezer. =( I took him outside and layed poor little buttons to rest... (I hope cappy is safe at home in Florida with my dad...)

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Star Trek Nemesis

Star Trek Nemesis was an ok movie. It was a letdown in some places to me. It felt like there was something missing. I did not have that wonderful "DAMN! I never expected that!" sensation cross my lips. The acting man acting as the younger camptains clone did not seem evil enough for me and did not seem smart either. Other than that the movie was fine I would wait though to rent it if I knew that it would be a kind of let down. There was a little funny bits here and there and thats what keeps me from just giving this movie a 5.

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Miccah.com Upgrading to PHP-Nuke!

Hey! Something looks different!

I've decided to toss away the old Thatware (it served it's purpose) and upgrade to the feature filled PHP-Nuke content management system. Of course there are still some kinks to be worked out. But the old stories and polls will not be available because of this change. Also you will need to re-register. Sorry for the inconvenience but the features that you'll get from registering is well worth it! Trust me! :)

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