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Another case of not knowing your customers

And in this case it's the MPAA knowing the public. According to this article, two day DVDs are not selling well. Well duh. Nobody wants a self-destructing DVDs (lasts for 2 days) especially ones that cost 7 bucks. You can rent a new movie at blockbuster for 4 bucks and keep it for 2 days. Sure these don't need to be returned but the wastefulness and price does not justify this purchase. Oh stupid MPAA. *shakes head in disbelief*

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Another victim of Newton

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Newton's first once again asserted it's presence recently, reminding all who may be too busy to realize that gravity is still actually in effect.

This is a reminder that Gravity will be in effect until Armageddon and you should act accordingly until such time as it ceases.

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Get down to the beat of Elvendrums

Evocative and mystical, Elvendrums unlocks the magic of the Faerie realm....With thoughtful lyrics and original melodies, Elvendrums takes you to a place where Elves, Faeries and Dragons are real. This has to be a joke. Because it's too good to be true. Maybe they're playing at the festival Miccah is going to.

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Scientists figure out the secret to long life... in worms at least

Scientists from the University of California tinkering around with some genes and hormones have managed to lengthen the life of Caenorhabditis elegans (a type of worm). The worms lived for the human equivalent of 500 years. The researchers inhibited insulin signalling in the worms, and removing their reproductive systems alone increased the life span by 60%. Insulin pathway controls life length in mammals too, therefore the research could also work on mammals. Just how "active" and healthy can one be without any reproductive systems? I am not convinced this is ready to be tried out on humans just yet...Full Story Here

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My gang of babies will kick your ass!

Rugrats gone wild and goes apeshit on toddler: Just as the class nanny left the room to change one's diaper, a group of babies bit one year old Frane Simic about 30 times on his face and all over his body.

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Japanese Arnold Schwarzenegger Commercials

Arnold has done some weird commercials in Japan. Check it out here.

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Donnie Darko

Excellent Movie. Had a chance to see it again. Would have given it a perfect score if it weren't for Drew Barrymore.

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Seven Samurai

A black and white movie that is actually good. No wonder this movie is a classic. No wonder, it's pretty kick ass. Some however may find it a tad bit long.

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Awww cute puppy, awww 6 year old kid--- OMG!!!!

Puppies and young children don't mix. A puppy makes a midnight snack out of a kids fingers. Read the story here.

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Martial arts expert kills two raiders

This is an amazing movie--err-- news story from the Guardian.
A Chinese martial arts expert was in custody yesterday after turning the tables on four burglars armed with knives, killing two of them and seriously wounding a third.

Apparently "the doctor" went Kill Bill on their asses. I wonder what happened to the fourth man. Did he get away? Well, lesson learned. Don't threaten martial arts experts!

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