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Hostile Undergarments

evil2thecore sells "Hostile Undergarments For Smiling Professionals". Their product line (currently) consists of tank tops with phrases like "Chow Down, Fat Ass" for waitresses. "My Boss Is A Moron" for office professionals and "Go To The Light Already" for the ladies in the medical industry.

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Kill Bill

Lots of bloody violence. Swords. Kung-fu. Hot chick seeking revenge. Amazing stylized direction. What more can you ask for?

Volume (part) 2 to come sooner?

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Would you like some Kevin Bacon with that?

What a remarkable 80s film! I have never seen this movie but I heard it's good. I saw it on DVD today and WOW. It just blew me away. This movie is quite entertaining. All the 80s stuff is just fabulous!

I especially love at the movie everyone dances so amazingly at the end. Especially when dancing was outlawed and nobody dances in the town. Just this one dance changed all that. They should have legalized allowed dancing a long time ago! This town has some talent just waiting to be exploited!

And what can I say-- John Lithgow is fantastic as usual.

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Lost In Translation

Is a bit lost on me.

Here's the plot summary by a poster on IMDB:

"Bob Harris (Murray) and Charlotte (Johansson) are two Americans in Tokyo. Bob is a movie star in town to shoot a whiskey commercial, while Charlotte is a young woman tagging along with her workaholic photographer husband (Ribisi). Unable to sleep, Bob and Charlotte cross paths one night in the luxury hotel bar. This chance meeting soon beomces a surprising friendship. Charlotte and Bob venture through Tokyo, becomes friends with a young movie actress Kelly (Faris), have often hilarious encounters with its citizens, and ultimately discover a new belief in life's possibilities."

Ummm yeah. This plot summary is misleading. Lets clear a couple of things up first. It's not just a chance meeting. They met several times and many more times before they started being friends. And that doesn't happen until an hour into the film. And as for the actress Kelly being their friend? That's a bunch of baloney! And I'm not sure any possibilties were discovered at the end of this movie... maybe but that's up for you to interpret.

I tried hard to like this movie. Maybe too hard. Mainly because I love Bill Murray. And I read the glowing reviews on IMDB. I went into theather ready to laugh and cry. But this movie didn't live up to expectations.

My main problem is things moved too slow. There's a lot of slow shots of the characters by themselves looking out windows and just sitting there. I know it's to show them being isolated and lonely but it gets very boring after awhile. Also don't expect Groundhogs Day because in this movie the comedy was very light. The dialog while sometimes amusing was not that funny. Also, what I found a bit frustrating was some shots in the movie that made no sense and served no purpose whatsoever! Bill Murray playing golf... umm okay? Why is she walking around in the temple? Nothing happens. Repeat.

In conclusion I think you will enjoy this movie once you realize what I said above AND if you don't expect too much. I expected too much and was a little bit disappointed. But with that being said this is still a sweet touching movie. The ending is a little bittersweet. And so as a whole I enjoyed it. But that's probably because the character Charlotte (strangely) reminds me of my ex girlfriend. Older guy, younger woman. You get the picture.

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Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Went to see this movie because something tragic happened today. My girlfriend's bird died in a horrible accident. That image of discovering what happened to the bird is now stuck in our minds. That image of what happened remained in our minds long after the burial. It won't go away so we decided to go see this movie hoping to forget it for awhile.

And it worked. For awhile we forgot about what happened and enjoyed a terrific movie. Certainly the whole movie is (a bit) over the top but that's why it's great. Johnny Depp stole the show of course, he's character is the best thing in the movie. Sarcastic. Evil. Funny.

All in all, this movie was the best thing for us after what happened today.

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28 Days Later

Now here's a zombie movie with brains!
No, there's no brain eating unfortunately. What I meant is that it's intelligent for a gore flick.
The premise of the story is a virus is released in London, the infected become mindless Zombies who wants are bent on infecting others. This virus don't make them sick perse as they seem quite strong and fast-- however they do spew out a lot of blood and they're eyes are very bloodshot, as if they had a really bad hangover. All in all they look pretty unhealthy, but they're ok to run quickly for a long distance without tiring, as long as they know they're uninfected about.

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The premise of this movie is based on the idea that Luck is something that can be taken (from other people), and it's also a valuable commodity that can be traded. Kind of a quirky theory but suspend your disbelief for a moment and enjoy this movie. Sure it moved rather slow at some parts but all in all I found it enjoyable. My favorite part was the race into the woods. CRUNCH!

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Spun is a cross between Requiem For a Dream and Trainspotting. It's about the drug culture. In particular the world of Meth addicts. Of course this movie doesn't anything more insight into the culture than Requiem or Trainspotting.

OK this movie was not my pick. I watched it because someone wanted to rent it. I already knew this was a movie depicting the drug culture and it's going to show some dirty, desperate people with the basic moral message saying, "Hey! Drugs are bad; you don't want to end up like them." Okay I already knows DRUGS are bad then why am I still watching this? Oh yeah, someone wanted to rent it. It's a waste of time.

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Cory & Nicolle's Party Sept. 12th Party!!

UPDATE! The party will be broadcast on the web on the day of the party. Check it out here.

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This movie was about saving Jia Hongsheng. His family saving him from the danger of BEATLES! This is a well shot movie, and the soundtrack was very appropriate. My personal dislike is for the main character. He's not all that nice yet you tend to feel sorry for him and I understand that was the purpose-- but still, I can't stand it when he's treats people who care about him like crap. I guess this teaches us all a lesson. Let this movie be a perfect example of the dangers that comes with an unhealthy obsession with the Beatles.

Also make sure to check out the movie Shower (Xizao) it is made by the same guy; a movie that I enjoyed much more.

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