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Such a Long Journey

Down the block? Where's the journey? A lot of people die in this movie - and it takes just that for the main character to finally see what is important in life and thus, redemption.

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The Others

Not a big fan of horror films, so I found it a bit difficult to review this film, especailly when there's not chopping of body parts, blood, or humor. Also the surprise at the end wasn't much a surprise. I kind of guessed.

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Here's a thought for you ... what an absolutely ridiculous movie! Totally unrealistic, far-fetched, and laughable. The characters were the only thing that were real about the movie ... but even the characters were terrible. Paul Walker (Fast and the Furious) plays Chris Johnston and he's got to be the weakest character of all. He tries to be this chivalrous, hunky guy all the women are supposed to swoon over and get saved by, but somehow - he just can't seem to pull it off with any sort of gusto. He reminds me more of a 17-year-old skater kid with messy hair, a baggy sweatshirt, and beaten-up Vans. And of course the bad guy gets it in the end. Predictable, predictable, PREDICTABLE. What the hell were the producers thinking? They must've all had just a little too much peyote. This type of movie making must be eliminated! We must not ever let them make us watch such filth again! Even Teletubbies is better than this film!
Also, this movie is very confusing. You may oftentimes find yourself wondering just what the hell is going on. There's lots of sword fighting, flaming arrows, and blood, but oh, they didn't forget the sappy romantic moments, either. Well, let me stop here. I'm getting bored just writing this.
A piece of advice: don't watch this fillm. Ever.

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Klingon Wedding

If you're a Star Trek fan or you want to see a bunch of losers dress up in costumes. Check out this site. Goes a little too far don't you think?

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Ass Fingers!

"Tonight I hit upon a shocking anatomical secret: your fingers, if photographed in a certain close up way, (shown below) are practically indistinguishable from pictures of thighs and buttocks." Shockingly accurate.

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This movie has a special place in my heart because it's such an odd movie. A hard film to classify into a specific genre, but it's a combination of sorcery/fantasy and Sherlock Holmes mystery with a bit of horror thrown in. I was pleasantly surprised by the film's wonderful cinematography, vibrant use of colors, and odd humor. The costumes are wonderful and fit perfectly. It's not a high budget movie by any means, but makes up for it with the strange tale and wonderful world it creates.

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Godzilla 2000

I sum up this review with a quote from the movie spoken by the female lead. "Godzilla is... inside all of us!"

Yes indeed. Godzilla!!! Rarrrrr!

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Missing 80's PSA from Mr.T

Hanging out with Mr.T! It's more like a long musical video for kids from the 80's. With Mr.T teaching how children to be fashionable and how to be cool and suave. As entertaining now as it was then. I especially liked the part about treating your mother right. Right on! Thanks to Nicolle for pointing this link out.

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First Yimou Zhang movie that didn't live up to my expectations. But perhaps I expected too much. Granted this movie looks absolutely beautiful. Stunningly so. But that alone doesn't keep my interest. And as Yoda would say "A good movie beauty does not make". Maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind but some long scenes were boring me to tears. And after watching people flying around and deflecting arrows was no longer awe inspiring. We've already seen it in Crouching Tiger--

This movie has a surreal feel to it as most of the movie is told in flashbacks and then we find out (spoiler) that they weren't real! It's like some hippies PCP flashback all in weird colors. Yeah, it's probably aimed toward hippies. Everyone of the characters have long hair.

All in all this movie looked pretty and the acting was good even though a tad melodramatic at some parts-- but I get that. It's this whole surreal/fantasy feel. Still the story didn't capture me.

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American Splendor

American Splendor is movie about a guy who wrote a comic book about his life called American Splendor. It's about his life and his comic book. Interestingly the movie made it so you didn't really hate the guy. Sure he has his annoying moments but you genuinely feel for him. Bravo-- that's a difficult thing to do for such an annoying character. I guess this is saying that just about anyone including Harvey Pekar (Pronounced Pee Car) can be successful in America. Splendid.

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