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American Splendor

American Splendor is movie about a guy who wrote a comic book about his life called American Splendor. It's about his life and his comic book. Interestingly the movie made it so you didn't really hate the guy. Sure he has his annoying moments but you genuinely feel for him. Bravo-- that's a difficult thing to do for such an annoying character. I guess this is saying that just about anyone including Harvey Pekar (Pronounced Pee Car) can be successful in America. Splendid.

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

There's something good to be said about not having very high expectations. I didn't go see this movie with any expectations so I didn't build myself up to be disappointed.

But it had glowing reviews and my girlfriend urged me to go see it. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing. I'm glad I did because I loved every minute of it. When it first started I knew it was going to be good. The dialog was sharp and the story fresh. I am starting to love Charlie Kaufman's work. He did Adaptation, another great movie with Spike Jonze. Like all Kaufman's stories this movie is quirky and unique and he pushes the envelope to the point and it makes you think. Think that this man is one weird guy! But I am glad he's here to make Hollywood movies not suck! Thanks!

Go see this movie!

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Xiaoxin's Hotlinking Revenge

MySpace is a friendster clone. They host an assortment of services that allows users to make a profile, share pictures, post journals entries, and make comments to each other. Well! That sounds nice does it not? Yeah--sounds like a virtual paradise. It is. It's a virtual paradise-- FOR LOSERS! At least from my experience. I noticed MySpace users love to post the most inane crap about themselves. They also habitually share embarrassing pictures of themselves to frequently tout to their "friends" in their network offering each other something to jack off to. Essentially everyone there competes to see how many times they can kiss each other's ass. And boy the competition is stiff. It's sad, embarrassing and amusing at the same time.

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Bubba Ho-tep

This movie takes place in a rest home in Texas where the residents die regularly of old age and also from having their soul sucked out of their orifice. Of course it doesn't matter which one; the mummy does not care. This mummy is also very lazy which is why he/it prays only on the helpless elderly. A hero must rise and that is of course our main character Elvis Presley, the King of Rock & Roll. To triumph Elvis must confront his own inner demons of abandonment, lost dignity, aging, regrets (and his cancerous pecker) to finally comes to grips with why he is here. He comes to realize he has been given a second chance to make a difference in the world and fight evil. He is helped by JFK, a black man played by Ossie Davis. Of course Bruce Campbell plays Elvis and he's perfect for this role. I must say his acting abilities are very impressive. He was totally believable as an aging King of Rock. This movie is very fun as it makes fun of old people not too unlike Something's Gotta Give. It also brings up an important issue. What are we going to do with all the old people? The baby boomers are getting old and rest homes like the one depicted in the movie will be commonplace. It is sad to watch old people die-- cold and forgotten. Oh well.

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Whale Rider

Unfortunately there's not as much whale riding in this movie as I'd hoped. You would think there would be for a movie that titled it self "Whale Rider". But no. Instead it's a movie about a whinny little 12 year old girl who desperately seeks approval of her grandfather on his last legs as chief. Chief? The leader of a small community of people who seems to be living great without a NEW leader. Don't really know what these people do for a living but they just exist.

Apparently this movie takes place near New Zealand (Where LOTR was made) and everything looks really grand. Oh yeah and the little girl whines, cries and gets all teary eyed. Not sure why though!

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Warriors of Heaven and Earth

Plot outline from IMDB: A Japanese emissary is sent to the Gobi desert to execute a renegade soldier. When a caravan transporting a Buddhist monk and a valuable treasure is threatened by thieves, however, the two warriors might unite to protect the travelers.

I don't want to spoil it for anyone but the two warriors do unite to protect the travelers. And they do fairly well if the turkish army had to come and ruin it all. The entire film was good although I felt the the ending was cheesy and somewhat anti-climactic. Not really worth all the building up to end like that. Other than that the movie's great. And the sword fighting is great too, and I most enjoyed the scene when Li and Lai had a showdown. I was eagerly waiting for the final showdown only to be disappointed because of a poor ending. Again, the girl in this movie serves no purpose to the story (except as a narrator) as usual. You might recognize her from Shaolin Soccer.

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We got snubbed at Dave and Amy's wedding!

by Xiaoxin

I honestly thought there was some misunderstanding when Heather first suggested that we were not invited to the reception. I asked Heather for a clarification and she told me Amy had responded �it�s full� when asked about directions to the reception. �But what does that mean?� I said. Heather didn�t know. Brian didn�t know. Jocelyn didn�t know. �There must have been too many people invited to the reception that it has become a fire hazard,� I joked. �It could be,� Brian responded. Well there must be some misunderstanding. Why would we not be invited when I had talked to Amy weeks prior and I told her we were definitely coming to the wedding. And of course when I say wedding, I mean the ceremony plus the reception. To me it is only a combination of those two parts that makes a wedding a wedding. That said, I remember from our conversation Amy specifically telling me that only Heather and I are invited and no one else. She went on to explain this is because they only have a certain number of spaces available. I told her I totally understand that weddings are expensive and so it would be only me and Heather. It would be in bad form if I had invited others, and I would never do that. So, why would she make an effort to say such a thing if she had no intention of inviting us to the reception?

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Who says I'm a loose tart?!

I can't believe TWO of you jealous skanks would label me a "loose tart." Thanks a lot, Xiao, for the survey. It really gets to the heart of the matter. Namely, two people who take advantage of the wealth of resources available on Miccah.com see fit to question the reputation of the gracious lady to whom it is dedicated. Now just let me get my hands on them...

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gag me with a furball!!

www.claw.org is a great way to spend some time.. if you don't mind swimming in sickening smarm!!
Question: are these people writing FOR their cats, AS their cats, or as people who are obsessed with cats?!?!

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Pranksters take over Channel 14

This should also be in humor category. A Raleigh, North Carolina cable news channel shut down a Web application designed to allow local schools and businesses to report weather-related closings last week, after a handful of puckish university students discovered they could use it to add textual graffiti to the station's newscast. Full article here. Screen caps of the pranks are located here.

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