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Bend It Like Beckham

Ask someone on the street if they can bend it like beckham and they'll probably smack you. You should get smacked anyway for saying such a thing. Bend it like beckham? WTF...

Anyway, the main character in this movie is an Indian girl who loves football (or rather soccer as in the united states) but of course her (loving) family opposes the idea of her persuing it but through her talent and tenacity she convince them otherwise. We all know how this is going to end, it has a happy ending and everyone being satisfied. Sure, I saw this coming a mile away--- so during times when it seems every turn is a turn for the worst I KNEW things were going to be okay. So I didn't really care too much about the characters, and their struggle, it was too artificial. Also the comedy wasn't for me. Maybe it's the British style, but it felt like they were trying to hard to be funny and politically correct at the same time. I especially found that coach Joe to be particularly annoying. They were trying very hard to make him into a heartthrob. Who is the audience of this movie? Young girls? It seems like propaganda for women to get into sports. It's message is certainly lost on me.

You know what? Sometimes I wish I were Indian, because they really know how to get down. They throw awesome parties and they have great dances. Dances where everyone joins in and it looks like they're having so much fun! I want to be Indian just so I can partake.

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David Bowie is perfect as the Goblin King but is he really evil? Are goblins really evil? They are mischievous and at times cute, but they are by no means evil. I mean they didn't at once try to molest sweet Jennifer Connelly, and it's not like they didn't have any opportunities!

Well, I must have been deprived not having seen this Alice In Wonderland adventure growing up. I like 80s movies and this one is definitely a classic. I found it to be quite enjoyable, except for the fact that David Bowie needs to get his groin under control!!

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Happy Times

Doesn't have a happy ending, but that's okay. This is a good movie that tells it's simple story very well. It's a touching story about an retired man looking for wife and discovers a relationship with a blind teenager. Even though this movie has some comedic moments I wouldn't classify it as a comedy, and of course it has a bittersweet ending.

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General Health WARNING

This is a general health warning to those at my Birthday party last weekend. If you attended then you may have been exposed to a virus!

This of course this infection happened without my knowledge. Had I known that I was infected I would not have gone ahead with the party.

You may have the following symptoms:

  1. Sore throat
  2. Sneezing
  3. Runny nose
  4. Nasal Congestion
  5. Body Aches

    I believe I was exposed to this virus on Wednesday when I visited my friend Sadiqa, who canceled her plans to be at the party for that particular reason. I started to feel symptoms Friday evening, initially a sore throat and some erratic temperature change sensations. Followed by two days of runny nose and general aches. Of course now the aches are really bad and I'm feeling exhausted and all I'm doing most of the time is sleeping.

    I recommend:

    • Sleeping
    • Drinking plenty of fluids (no alcohol)
    • Having a box of tissues tied to your hip
    • Cancel work
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    Anger Management

    This week Xiaoxin reviews Anger Management.

    Please raise your hands if you're tired of Adam Sandler. *slowly raises hand*

    My friends and I were in a mood to see a comedy this weekend. We picked Anger Management as the best candidate for laughs. Well, there was some laughs, but most were sympathetic chuckles at the films feeble attempt at humor. A chuckle for effort. I didn't laugh as much as I thought I would and I'm somewhat disappointed. I recall enjoying his films in my youth. I thought Billy Madison was genius, and Happy Gilmore that was funny too. Alas I didn't enjoy this one as much, granted it had it's funny moments but they were few in between, in between too much Adam Sandler. Yes, too much. The whole movie seemed to be overloaded with Adam, and to be he has lost that charm and appeal he once held. I couldn't quite put my finger on it still but I know I have become disillusioned by Adam's comedy. In his movies all of his character are the same, they're all Adam Sandler and it felt boring and artificial.

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    The Fury

    This is a horror film made in 1978 and directed by Brian De Palma (Carrie, Phantom of the Paradise). Although not as good as some of his other films, The Fury is overall an enjoyable watch. With an engrossing story and the ocassional light moment, The Fury is a good movie to watch when you in the mood for something dark and nostalgic without being frightening. Kirk Douglas plays a man searching for his telekinetic son who was kidnapped by a government agent. He meets Gillian, played by Amy Irving, who also has telekinetic abilities. She tries helps him to find his son. I recommend this film because I thought it was creatively and well done.

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    my womb is being scraped out...

    My name is miccah, and my womb is being scraped out. this, as some of you may guess, hurts a lot. we women endure many small indignities throughout life, but this business of having our wombs scraped out each month in the most impersonal manner possible, it's just to much. hey, was the old lining not good enough? or perhaps you just need a little more practice with that rusty carrot peeler... anyway, thanks, body, for this "totally natural" experience.

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    The Real World, Big Brother - Give me a break!

    Folks we have a common enemy on television. No not that George W. Bush fellow but something much more scary, something much more sinister. It's lurking threatening our airwaves, and it's called "Reality TV". Finally something else to hate other than quiz game shows (Boy aren't we glad that's over? Regis? why THE HELL are you still here?). Read below for my take on this latest inane craze.

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    Another film recommended by Katie. The spiraling cover of the video drew me in and peaked my interest. I wanted to see this movie and boy I don't regret doing it. It's a good film. Both crazy and interesting at the same time. It's very well done, I definately recommend it for horror film fans. And as an added excercise count how many spirals/vortexes you see as the film plays.

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    The day of redemption is at hand!

    How would you like a second chance? A second chance to redeem yourself.

    Look-- I know you must feel pretty damn guilty for forgetting about my birthday last year, and it's been eating at you all the time since then. Now, I understand this-- I am not without an ounce of mercy, I am not a heartless person. I am not without mercy and I want to ease your suffering. I am willing to take away your guilt, and give you another chance.

    So here's your chance. This Saturday (the 19th) I will be holding a celebration-- a celebration of meeee! We are celebrating my birthday which means you should make yourself available and attend. Be sure to bring lots of goodies (presents for me). Remember it's this weekend on the 19th, at my house!

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